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Jul 30

Pages from Paul Klee’s Sketchbook

Pages from Paul Klee’s Sketchbook

Paul Klee notebook page

I find these pages from Paul Klee’s notebooks, circa 1922, to be positively mind blowing. Color formulas, beautiful penmanship and somehow beautiful and artistic at the same time.

Paul Klee notebook page

Paul Klee notebook page

Paul Klee, Beiträge zur bildnerischen Formlehre, 1922. Bauhaus Weimar.

(via The Near-Sighted Monkey)

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WSJ Praises the Blackwing

While the NYTimes is predicting the death of the pen, the Wall Street Journal was thoughtful enough to experience and enjoy using a Palomino Blackwing. Go, WSJ! (via WSJ)

WSJ Praises the Blackwing

While the NYTimes is predicting the death of the pen, the Wall Street Journal was thoughtful enough to experience and enjoy using a Palomino Blackwing. Go, WSJ! (via WSJ)

Jul 29

Ink Lightfastness, The Scientific Approach

Ink Lightfastness, The Scientific Approach

Fountain Pen Physicist Ink Lightfast test

The Fountain Pen Physicist tackled a question on lots of pen users’ minds: How lightfast are my inks? And in true scientific method, there are samples of both ambient and sunlight samples compared to the originals after three months of exposure. I hope there will be follow-ups at 6 months and a year to see if any further changes occur.

Fountain Pen Physicist Lightfast tests

It looks as if more tests are being performed as well as…

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Jul 28

Ask The Desk: Where’s Your Feed?

Ask The Desk: Where’s Your Feed?

rp_askthedesk_hdr.pngDerrick said:

I am not getting your feed anymore.  Haven’t received an email from the site in a few weeks.

Since the switch over to our own Well-Appointed Desk servers this month, some folks have mentioned that they are no longer getting post from us in the RSS reader. If you’re having issues, please update your feed info to:

There is also a link…

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Link Love: Death by Digital (or not)

Link Love: Death by Digital (or not)

Link Love Link MascotLink(s) of the week:
It’s another week in which the pen must defend itself against the tide of digital futurism. It all started with the NYTimes article and was rebutted around the internet by digital AND pen enthusiasts in equal measure.

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Jul 26

Typewriter As Art

Olympia Typewriter print

Olympia Typewriter Print by SloeGinFizz (via Etsy)

While not everyone might be as inclined as I am to have a pile of old typewriters at hand, the image of a typewriter inspires the writer, poet and correspondent in all of us. Today I discovered several “typewriter as art” pieces to inspire and compliment the paper aficionados desk.

(Click on images to visit the sources or purchase images.)

Typerwriter Spring Flowers Framed Print


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Jul 24

Review: Rhodia Ice Notepad

Review: Rhodia Ice Notepad

Rhodia Ice covers

I finally got a chance to see what all the hullabaloo surrounding the new Rhodia Ice padsis all about. In honor of its 80th anniversary, Rhodia has released a white covered version of its classic notepads. I got the No. 16 (6 x 8.25″) which is a good desktop sized, comparable to an A5 or Steno pad. The logo is metallic silver on the warm white, matte-coated cover. Inside, the paper is white with…

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Jul 23

Review: Zebra Sharbo-X Multi-Pen in Mint

Review: Zebra Sharbo-X Multi-Pen in Mint

Sharbo X minty green I had been hesitant to invest in the Zebra Sharbo-X because its a pricey multi-pen at $49.50 for the body only. But its one of the few brand name multi-pens that has an aluminum body rather than plastic. So, when I saw that quantities of the minty greenmodel were getting limited at Jet Pens, I bit the bullet and bought one. This particular model the F-Line is considered a slim “lady” model.  Its…

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Jul 22

Upcoming: Blackwing Slate Notebook

Upcoming: Blackwing Slate Notebook

Blackwing Slate profile view with elasitc pencil loop

It’s a week chock full of new notebooks. The new Blackwing Slate is an updated version of the Blackwing Luxury notebook. This time the notebook is hardcover but uses the same polymer leather-like material. The branding is center at the bottom of the back cover and not central across the cover.

The size looks like an A5-ish at about 5×8″ and has 160 pages.

The spine is canvas with an elastic loop…

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Link Love: Slow News Week

Link Love: Slow News Week

Link Love Link MascotDid you get a chance to listen to me blather on about indelible pencils last week on the Erasable podcast? If not, I hope you check it out. Let me know what you think.

Pens & Ink:

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