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Sep 11

Charmed with Pencils

While in Chicago, I acquired this wonderful Pencil Cluster charm from Fossil ($28). Its exceedingly detailed and I had the clerk put it on the…

Charmed with Pencils

While in Chicago, I acquired this wonderful Pencil Cluster charm from Fossil ($28). Its exceedingly detailed and I had the clerk put it on the…

Sep 10


Sep 08

Review: Diamine Kelly Green Ink

Review: Diamine Kelly Green Ink

Diamine Kelly Green

I’ve had this sample bottle of Diamine Kelly Green set aside on my desk for months with plans to be “my next ink review”. Since December. Well, here it is. Finally.

Diamine Kelly Green Ink Writing Sample

Diamine Kelly Greenis a vivid, bright green with distinctly yellow undertones. For me, this means that in light strokes or fine nibbed pens, the color is in that “sweet spot” of lime, citrus-y green that I love so much. For someone…

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Sep 07

Review: Mont Blanc Daniel DeFoe

Review: Mont Blanc Daniel DeFoe

Mont Blanc Daniel DeFoe Ink

I confess I did not recognize the name Daniel DeFoe when this bottle of Mont Blanc’s Writers Series Daniel DeFoe ink arrived. All I knew was that it was a shade of green. So I did what any self-respecting blogger would do, I looked up Daniel DeFoe on Wikipedia. Turns out he was the gent who wrote Robinson Crusoe as well as being trader, writer, journalist, pamphleteer, and spy. So, someone I’d…

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Sep 06

Review: Private Reserve Naples Blue Ink

Review: Private Reserve Naples Blue Ink

Private Reserve Naples Blue Ink Review

I chose my favorite color, Private Reserve Naples Blue, from the August International Shipping Ink Drop collection and decided to go ahead and do a full review. I don’t normally go in for bright blues but this color looked like the bluest oceans. I couldn’t pull my eyes from the swatch so I had to take it out for a spin.

I tested it with my dueling Pilot Preras, one fitted with a Plumix…

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Sep 05

Fashionable Friday: Mirror Mirror On My Desk

Fashionable Friday: Mirror Mirror On My Desk

mirror desks

Initially, I was going to do today’s Fashionable Friday around the West Elm Parsons Desk in the mirror finish but they are not making it anymore. West Elm still sells a mirror console table but its a bit shallow to be used as a desk. Instead, I found this elegant mirror-finish desk at Horchow. Its a bit more expensive than the Parson desk but its gorgeous so fate worked for me.

If you already…

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Sep 04

Review: Zebra Mildliner Pen in Mild Green

Review: Zebra Mildliner Pen in Mild Green

Zebra Mildliner Pen

Some days, I want to highlight text without blinding myself. This is only a problem that a connoisseur of pens would suffer. Who could solve this dilemma for me? The Japanese of course with the Zebra Mildliner brand of highlghters. Or would you call them lowlighters?

I added a “mild green” Mildliner($1.50 each) in my cart with my last purchase to try it out but there 15 colors to choose from…

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Sep 03

Link Love: Renegades with Pens

Link Love: Renegades with Pens

Link Love Link MascotLink of the Week:

The Link of the Week has to be the Letter Writers Alliance announcement of the upcoming Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this weekend. I have attended this event in the past, in fact, I got my membership to the Letter Writers Alliance at the event. So it’ll be my 3-year anniversary as a card-carrying member! That’s reason to celebrate right there!


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Sep 02

Review: Noodler’s Ahab Flexible Nib Fountain Pen

Review: Noodler’s Ahab Flexible Nib Fountain Pen

Noodlers Ahab Flex Fountain Pen

I have had the Noodler’s Ahab flexible fountain pen ($20) for a couple months and have tested it with Goulet Pen’s replacement nibs but hadn’t posted about the flex nib. As others have mentioned over the years, trying to use and learning to use a flexible nib pen is very different than how we use modern day pens, be they fountain or otherwise.

Over the years I’ve used a lot of different flexible…

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Sep 01

July & August 2014 Ink Drop

July & August 2014 Ink Drop

Ink DRop Swatches

In an effort to get caught up on the Ink Drop subscriptions, I have done some quick swab swatches of the last two months worth.

July’s Ink Drop theme was an all-American Stars and Stripes so it was chock full of reds and blues which are also some of the most popular colors in inks so choosing just five samples must have been a challenge. The final selection was De Atramentis Atlantic Blue, Diami…

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