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Aug 15

Fashionable Friday: Black & Gold

Fashionable Friday: Black & Gold

Fashionable Desk black & gold

Trends affect the stationery and pen world just as much as the fashion and home decor world. I’ve been seeing a lot of black and metallic gold so I thought I’d create a styleboard that features this stunning combination.

Shown above:

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Aug 14

Jet Pens Too Cool For School Giveaway

Jet Pens Too Cool For School Giveaway

Back -to-School time is my favorite holiday (big surprise). I love fall weather, sweaters and wool skirts and I especially love shopping for new notebooks, pens and fresh pencils. Though not all of us are headed back-to-school this month, that doesn’t mean we don’t need to celebrate this season of fresh starts and new ideas. I’m giving away a $25 gift certificate for Jet Pensto use for your…

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New Sponsor: Pen Boutique

New Sponsor: Pen Boutique

Pen BoutiqueI’m delighted to introduce one of our new sponsors,  The Pen Boutique. Headquartered in Maryland, the stock pens, ink, paper and leather goods from lots of well-know manufacturers like Edison, Pelikan, Kaweco, Acme, Cross, J. Herbin, Noodlers, Parker, Retro 51, Rhodia, Rotring, Monteverde and so many more.

Pen Boutique also has two retail stores, one in Bethesda, MD and one in Columbia, MD, so if…

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Aug 13

Ask The Desk: The Well-Appointed Desk on Podcasts

Ask The Desk: The Well-Appointed Desk on Podcasts


Cecelia asked:

I know you’ve done some guest podcasts–can you post a list of them/links to (or point me to them if I’m missing it). Thanks :)

Thanks for the question, Cecelia! Here’s a list of my podcast appearances. There aren’t a lot but here they are:

  1. The Pen Addict Episode 54: The Chair Of The Desk
  2. The Pen Addict Podcast 62: Lefty Apologist
  3. The Pen Addict Episode 71: Sharpening Rainbows
  4. The…

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Don’t Erase This T-Shirt

Don’t Erase This T-Shirt

Erasable T-shirt

What’s a podcast without a little t-shirt love? The Erasable podcast is offering a t-shirt on Teespring. Available in both men’s and women’s cut. $22 each. Three weeks left in the campaign so get your orders in soon.

Erasable T-shirt Detail

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Aug 12

Link Love: Inky Overload or is it Overlords?

Link Love: Inky Overload or is it Overlords?

Link Love Link MascotArticle(s) of the Week:

A shoutout to Tina at Fueled by Clouds & Coffee for the tip. Tina creates gorgeous watercolor drawings with fountain pen ink. Definitely worth a peek!

And, in contrast to the recent “pens are dead” tirade,

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Aug 11

The Overcast Podcast App

The Overcast Podcast App

Overcast app screenshot

To help me get through my days, staring at pixels on a computer screen, I listen to a lot of podcasts. For the last few weeks, I have been bouncing back and forth between three different podcast apps for my iPhone: Overcast (Free, unlocked all features $4.99), Pocket Casts ($4.99, for iPhone/iPad or Android) and Instacast($1.99). Why would I have three podcast apps installed at once? I was…

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Giveaway: Lamy Starter Kit

Our fine sponsors, Pen Chalet are giving away the perfect fountain pen starter kit: a Lamy Safari…

Giveaway: Lamy Starter Kit

Our fine sponsors, Pen Chalet are giving away the perfect fountain pen starter kit: a Lamy Safari…