Review: Perfetto Pencil

Perfetto Pencil box lid

When I first saw the Perfetto Pencils, I was smitten. The whole project was designed by well-known designer Louise Fili. I’ve been familiar with her design work for years so I would, of course, be interested in any pencil project she might create. The box alone is a work of art. The packaging is beautiful and sturdy and vintage-inspired.

Perfetto Pencil Box

Inside the box is a dozen, beautiful two-colored pencils.…

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Winner: Plumb Goods Giveaway

Winner: Plumb Goods Giveaway

Plumb Notebooks from Knock Knock

Thanks to everyone who entered the Plumb Goods Giveaway. The winner has been selected with the random number generator from the entries.

Plumb Goods Winner

And the winner is…

Winner Plumb Goods

Congrats, MMDM! I will notify the winner by email to arrange delivery of the gift certificate.

Thanks to Knock Knock and Plumb Goods for the sweet deal!

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Review: Pen & Ink Pocket Sketchbook

Review: Pen & Ink Pocket Sketchbook

Pen & Ink Sketchbook cover I picked up the Art Alternatives Pen & Ink Sketch with medium weight paper in the pocket (3.5×5.5″) size. I chose the blank version though it is also available in graph and lined plus a heavyweight paper version. In the images on Jet Pens, the lines on the lined and graph looked much too dark for my liking. I’d rather use a blank book with a guide sheet. It’s described as medium weight (80gsm)…

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The Tinieist Fountain Pen

The Tinieist Fountain Pen

tiny fountain pen necklace

Inside this miniature 1.25″ fountain pen charm is a real working nib. It can be dipped and will write. Comes with a tiny ink bottle charm that can hold ink to ink the pen nib. Pretty charming.

Pen comes on a 18″ silver plated chain.

($34.99 from YougNeek on Etsy, tip o’ the hat to Dan at Karas Kustoms for the link)

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Review: Jinhao X750 “Shimmering Sands” + Goulet Pens Nibs

Review: Jinhao X750 “Shimmering Sands” + Goulet Pens Nibs

Jinhao X750 Shimmering Sands

The Jinhao X750 “Shimminering Sands”($9.90) is a sturdy, solid pen. Looking at it, I never would have guessed it’s a budget fountain pen. The celestial sparkles embedded in the black body are truly amazing. I had to take it outside into the sunlight just to watch it catch the light. It reminded me of black nail polish with multicolored sparkles embedded in it. That sounds really girly. How about…

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Nick Cave, Type Monster

Who can make even the daintiest manual typewriter look like a weapon of mass destruction? Nick Cave…

Nick Cave, Type Monster

Who can make even the daintiest manual typewriter look like a weapon of mass destruction? Nick Cave…

Field Notes Colors Edition “Arts & Sciences”

Field Notes Colors Edition “Arts & Sciences”

Field Notes Arts & Sciences Edition

I finally got around to opening my Field Notes Color Edition “Arts & Sciences” notebooks.

Field Notes Arts & Sciences Edition size comparison

The Arts & Sciences edition really do feel like a Hagrid-sized version of the classic Field Notes. At 4.75″x7.5″ they are substantially bigger than the standard Field Notes’ 3.5″x5.5″ size but not as large as a standard A5 (6×8.25″) notebook. They live in a happy, in-between place.

Field Notes Arts & Sciences Edition

This Colors Edition,…

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Review: Caran D’ache Chromatics INKredible Colors Delicate Green

Review: Caran D’ache Chromatics INKredible Colors Delicate Green

Caran D'ache Chromatics Delicate Green Ink

Someone recently asked me if I had a recommendation for a really good green ink. That’s such a loaded question for me. Are you in search of a jewel-toned kelly green? A green-black? A green ever-so-slightly hinted with blue? Maybe something woodsy? There are just too many variations when it comes to green to pick just one and say “THIS is THE green”. Until now.

Caran D'ache Chromatics Delicate Green Ink writing sample

Caran D’ache Chromatics…

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Review: Plumb Goods Notebooks (& Giveaway)

Review: Plumb Goods Notebooks (& Giveaway)

Plumb Notebooks from Knock Knock

The folks at KnockKnock recently launched a new line of paper products called Plumb Goods. These are a collection of notebooks designed by artists to help inspire creativity. Every book in the collection includes a full-color card with information on the artist.

The products were each so different that this is a super image-heavy post. Every book deserved a full view so this is really a review…

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Italian Stapler Whales (made you look!)

Italian Stapler Whales (made you look!)

Italian hand staplers

I cannot resist the appeal of these classic Italian hand staplers. Reminds me of my own Arrow hand stapler but with zesty, fun colors. Each stapler comes with a box of 1000 staples in their own retro-cool box.

Vintage stapler packaging

($32 each via Spartan Shop)

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